Many of us choose to spend the holidays with our loved ones and some of us choose to spend them with total strangers at a popular nightclub. Whatever our plans may be, most of us share one thing in common, alcohol. The holidays are filled with presents, feasts, and of course, a good dose of spirits. Whether you are partial to champagne or prefer a good glass of whiskey, drinking during the holidays can increase your chance of getting a OWI, especially because the police are out to monitor the roads more diligently. Perhaps some of you may have already been caught by police and may have been given an OWI. If you have, don’t despair. Cedar Rapids attorney services are here to take your case.

While a lot more drinking does occur during the holidays, that doesn’t necessarily mean that someone who was driving and got an OWI was actually drunk. There are several ways to issue an OWI, and one of the main ways is when an officer suspects you are intoxicated. If the officer thinks you are drunk, there is not much you can do about it. They may not even give you a breathalyzer test and skip straight to the arrest, not that a breathalyzer test ever 100% accurate either.

When this happens, an experienced Iowa OWI attorney can help you. Suspicion is exactly that, suspicion. You may not even have consumed any alcohol but because the officer thinks you did, you will get a ticket or arrested. My firm knows exactly how OWIs work and will help you reduce or possibly completely wipe out the charges.

If you were issued a DUI during the holiday system, turn to my firm right away so I can file a case on your behalf and protect your rights.