1. Are Courts Stricter When You Receive An OWI During The Holidays?

    More OWI arrests are made during the holidays, but most judges are not more strict about penalties. They are not more lenient either. Many states have mandatory sentencing laws for drunk drivers. Where those laws don’t exist and judges have more discretion, judges vary on how strictly they sentence. OWI Arrests Rise During The Holidays Most states report a rise in OWI arrests of 40% or more duri…Read More

  2. Law Enforcement Increases During The Holidays

    Retailers are not the only ones getting ready for the winter holidays, law enforcement officers are preparing for the holiday season too. This is because many different local law enforcement agencies participate in an enhanced OWI enforcement campaign called “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” set forth by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The campaign focuses on the following t…Read More

  3. Don’t Let A Holiday OWI Ruin Your New Year

    Many of us choose to spend the holidays with our loved ones and some of us choose to spend them with total strangers at a popular nightclub. Whatever our plans may be, most of us share one thing in common, alcohol. The holidays are filled with presents, feasts, and of course, a good dose of spirits. Whether you are partial to champagne or prefer a good glass of whiskey, drinking during the holiday…Read More

  4. Staying Safe On The Roads This Holiday Season

    All states have laws against operating while intoxicated (OWI). It doesn’t matter when you go drinking (holiday party or not), just be cognizant of how many drinks you consume or else you could find yourself in need of attorney services in Cedar Rapids. Having a designated driver saves you time, money and lives. You should always have at least one designated driver in your holiday group or plan …Read More

  5. Increased Law Enforcement & The Holidays

    The holidays are full of opportunities to get together with family, friends, and co-workers to have a great time. Holiday parties, family dinners, and other such activities are a great way to reconnect with everyone, reflect on the year that is wrapping up, and look forward to the promise of a new year. It is common to enjoy a drink or two at events like this, and there is nothing wrong with that.…Read More

  6. Let Us Represent Your OWI Case And Get Results

    Being charged with OWI in Iowa is a serious matter with serious consequences. If you are convicted, you will lose your driver’s license, have to pay expensive insurance premiums, and even spend time in jail. When your future is on the line you need serious attorney services in Cedar Rapids to aggressively defend you in court. I go the extra mile to ensure you get the best possible result. My goa…Read More

  7. Top Mistakes Made By Police In An OWI Case

    If you have been arrested and charged with operating while intoxicated, it is important to educate yourself regarding the validity of being pulled over in the first place. It is important to find attorney services in Cedar Rapids that can  examine if the officer made a crucial mistake in your OWI case. An invalid investigatory stop A police officer must have reasonable suspicion to stop your vehi…Read More

  8. What Is The Difference Between OWI and DWI?

    Few people understand what an OWI is, and fewer understand the difference between an OWI and a DUI. However, when you are facing charges for an OWI, it is important for you to know what those charges mean, and what could be in store for you as far as penalties and punishments go. Zachary D. Crowdes is the OWI defense lawyer at your side throughout the entire process, giving you the Cedar Rapids at…Read More

  9. Getting An OWI Doesn’t Have To Ruin Your Life

    In the state of Iowa, OWI or Operating While Intoxicated is a very serious crime. Zachary D. Crowdes, Attorney At Law’s top priority is to protect those who have been accused of OWI from harsh criminal penalties including jail time, steep fines, community service, driver’s license suspension, and more. In addition to these penalties, a conviction for Operating While Intoxicated can affect your…Read More