1. Operating While Intoxicated: A Scenario

    An OWI arrest was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I was out watching a football game at a sports bar with a couple of my buddies one night. We were drinking, but since I was there for awhile, I figured I was spreading them out enough to where I wouldn’t get drunk. On the way home, I got pulled over by a cop. He told me I had a burned out tail light, which I had known about, but had…Read More

  2. Are Courts Stricter When You Receive An OWI During The Holidays?

    More OWI arrests are made during the holidays, but most judges are not more strict about penalties. They are not more lenient either. Many states have mandatory sentencing laws for drunk drivers. Where those laws don’t exist and judges have more discretion, judges vary on how strictly they sentence. OWI Arrests Rise During The Holidays Most states report a rise in OWI arrests of 40% or more duri…Read More

  3. Law Enforcement Increases During The Holidays

    Retailers are not the only ones getting ready for the winter holidays, law enforcement officers are preparing for the holiday season too. This is because many different local law enforcement agencies participate in an enhanced OWI enforcement campaign called “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” set forth by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The campaign focuses on the following t…Read More

  4. Don’t Let A Holiday OWI Ruin Your New Year

    Many of us choose to spend the holidays with our loved ones and some of us choose to spend them with total strangers at a popular nightclub. Whatever our plans may be, most of us share one thing in common, alcohol. The holidays are filled with presents, feasts, and of course, a good dose of spirits. Whether you are partial to champagne or prefer a good glass of whiskey, drinking during the holiday…Read More

  5. Experienced OWI Representation For Your Case

    A drunk driving charge, known as operating while intoxicated, is a serious criminal charge under Iowa law. Frighteningly, it is a criminal charge that can happen to almost anyone. If you happen to have a drink or two, and are stopped for something innocent like a broken tail light or traffic violation, you can find yourself arrested by an aggressive and reflexive law enforcement system that tends …Read More