1. Top Mistakes Made By Police In An OWI Case

    If you have been arrested and charged with operating while intoxicated, it is important to educate yourself regarding the validity of being pulled over in the first place. It is important to find attorney services in Cedar Rapids that can  examine if the officer made a crucial mistake in your OWI case. An invalid investigatory stop A police officer must have reasonable suspicion to stop your vehi…Read More

  2. Consequences Of Operating While Impaired

    As most of us know, there are certain consequences of getting convicted of an OWI in Iowa. Those consequences can include the installation of an ignition interlock device on any vehicle that you own or operate, revocation of your driver’s license, large fines, and even jail time. However, did you know that if you get arrested for an OWI, your license could get suspended by the Department of Tran…Read More

  3. Experienced OWI Representation For Your Case

    A drunk driving charge, known as operating while intoxicated, is a serious criminal charge under Iowa law. Frighteningly, it is a criminal charge that can happen to almost anyone. If you happen to have a drink or two, and are stopped for something innocent like a broken tail light or traffic violation, you can find yourself arrested by an aggressive and reflexive law enforcement system that tends …Read More